Proudly made in Canada

At CO7 Technologies, we are proud to design and manufacture high quality solutions in our Canadian facility and sold all around the world. That pride is especially accentuated by our Canadian presence serving local and international markets through these four pillars:

Investing in the collectivity


We have created many quality jobs since the beginning of our story, and we are planning to create even more moving forward. Designing and manufacturing in Canada keep thousands of Canadian workers employed; our neighbors, friends, and families.

Closer to You


Producing closer to where the products are installed means that our customers receive their products faster and safer, making their projects easier and more predictable to schedule.

Freedom to Innovate


Our human size organization, our dedication and our highly experienced team, give us greater flexibility and freedom to tailor and reinvent our solutions to better serve our customers’ needs. This capacity for exceptional designs is at the heart of everything we do.

The People behind the Product


Our pride in our people is reflected in their passion for their work, our customers and our partners. Learn more about our who we are, what drives us, and how you can join the CO7 Technologies’ team.