Who we are

CO7 Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of switching, protection and control solutions used in the distribution of energy for millions of homes and businesses. It all started with the acquisition of the Securupt and station breakers (Doghouse and VOX) product lines from Schneider Electric. The Securupt fuse cut-out has been installed on the entire Quebec electrical network for nearly 30 years. Its great reliability and robust design make it one of the best fuse cut-outs in the world. The Doghouse and VOX medium voltage outdoor and indoor circuit breakers are critical parts of electrical substations around the world.

We are dedicated to push the boundaries of reliability by reducing the duration of power outages and ensuring the safety of operators and customers. We design systems to withstand the impacts of weather and nature to help keep the energy flowing for customers at all time.


In order to help our customers to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s electricity networks, our solutions are supported by our experts. These are women and men with the skills and know-how to help clients plan and execute the solutions they need – from concept to completion.

The CO7 Technologies difference

The human scale and focus on switching, protection and control solutions, makes CO7 an agile, fast and connected company that listens to its customers. We customize our solutions as per the needs of our customers, where the big players cannot be competitive.


The highly skilled CO7 team manufactures high quality, reliable equipment based on proven design and continuous innovation


The strength of CO7’s team experience supports and reassures demanding customers asking for electricity production and distribution throughout their projects

The development of new technologies allows CO7 and its customers to remain at the forefront of the needs of modernization and adaptation of their electrical networks


The development of North American sales and international networks allows us to cultivate close customer relationship

Our Mission


Our mission is to ensure energy resilience and dependability by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and high quality solutions to high demanding situations, when failure is not an option

Our Vision


To be the premier supplier of medium and low voltage solutions for the Utilities, Micro-Grids and Electro-intensive markets worldwide

Our Values

Treat our customers and suppliers

with respect

Be a leader

Work as a team

Keep it simple,

Keep it safe

Listen and communicate

Innovate in

everything we do