Wind and Solar

CO7 Technologies medium-voltage grid connection product portfolio ensures safe and reliable connection to the grid

CO7 Technologies meets the challenges of the dynamic solar segment with a comprehensive portfolio of protection solutions that enable the generation, transmission and distribution of solar power for both on-grid and microgrid applications. 


CO7’s comprehensive portfolio of medium-voltage products and solutions are product-certified according to a wide range of international standards, including IEC, IEEE, ANSI and GOST. Contact us for more information 

CO7 Technologies is key enabler for the wind industry. We design and produce components and subsystems that integrate seamlessly within the nacelle and with all the infrastructure outside of it. Our medium-voltage products for wind applications include a complete range of indoor and outdoor protection solutions for onshore and offshore applications.  


Our comprehensive range of medium-voltage products plays a key role in many critical functions within the power distribution network, enabling safe, reliable and efficient passage of electricity.